A message from Victoria and the Kosmos Team

Dear Everyone,

We’ve spent time wondering what is the right thing to say, to do and how to react. Quite frankly, nothing is right at this time and this last week has been an incredibly tough and difficult week for us all.

We wanted to put some words on the website to say we are here if you need us during this time.

Everyone’s focus right now will be their families and friends; clients keeping their employees in jobs; employees keeping their jobs and working effectively from home; and for those not working, planning what they can do next. 

To our clients - understandably you won’t be hiring, you need to look after your teams. If and when you need us, for anything at all, we are here. 

To our candidates - we are sorry, it’s quiet, it’s slow and for those not working, we hope normality resumes as soon as it is safe to do so. When you need us, we are here.

What are our plans now?

Everyone keeps saying companies should change to survive. But we like being bespoke, boutique and personal. So what can we do? We can use this time to help our candidates learn so they can bring more to the table. So, over the next week we are looking into free online courses that our candidates, who aren’t working or who are quiet, can use to diversify - we know what a valuable EA, PA, Administrator and Receptionist can do and we don’t want to change that but we want to find you courses to help you up-skill to emerge stronger.

Thank you to you all for being so loyal to us, we are extremely grateful.

With thanks,

Victoria, Charlotte, Suzie, Marijn and Elena 

Thank you to our Kosmos team who we couldn’t do this without; we are all making sacrifices (as is everyone during this time) so that we can come back from this in a strong position, together. We are very lucky to have a family business and such a great team.


Added on 29 March 2020