Make corporate responsibility your responsibility

You may not think it, but Assistants are often incredibily influential when it comes to starting up Corporate Social Responsibility activities on the work floor. In small and subtle (yet very effective) ways, you can make your office more eco-friendly and socially responsible. Here are some tips to get you started.

Battery bank

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What do you do with your old batteries? Photo: Mrooczek262 on

Batteries are extremely toxic, and by simply throwing them in the bin they will end up in landfill meaning the toxic fluids leaking out of them will seep into the ground. There are endless shops that are now actively collecting and recycling batteries. So, here's what you can do:

  1. Identify your nearest collection point.
  2. Create your office battery bank. This can literally be as basic as an old mug with a sticker saying 'old batteries' on it placed in a central point in your office. It can come in any shape or size you like.
  3. Tell your team about the battery bank and why it's needed. Tell them where you've placed it. Depending on the relationship with your team, you could even enforce your new 'policy' by giving forfeits to those who still put batteries in the bin (buying everyone a drink on a Friday is a good one!).
  4. When your battery bank is full, pop over to your nearest collection point and drop them off

Job done! And it makes such a difference! Often your team members will take this new incentive home with them and start recycling batteries there as well. Bonus!

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Get creative: thinking up some good CSR activities for your office doesn't have to cost a lot (or anything!) and can be a lot of fun. Why not get more members of your team involved so you can think up things to do together? Photo: Can-truck by curlsdiva at

Waste electrical and electronic equipment ( WEEE ) Bank

Much like the Battery Bank, only a bit more complicated to find a collection point. Again, electroincs such as monitors, mice, cables, wires, old laptops and so on should never end up in landfill. There are all sorts of toxic materials in them, as well as plastic which takes hunderds of years to biodegrade. Besides, a lot of the materials in old electronics can be used to build new ones, so why waste it?

The trick is to find somewhere that will take your WEEE. This will take a bit of detective work on your part. A good place to start is the website of the council where your office is based. Some more general tips can be found here:

Recycle More

Helping out as part of office culture

Looking at organising a team away day? Rather than another round of golf or heading to the pub, why not see if there is anything your team can do that will be fun, as well as meaningful? You can always go to the pub afterwards! 

The most effective are activities which can be repeated, or that are ongoing. One-off activities such as painting a community hall or entering a run to raise money are extremely valuable, but lack the continuity to truly change the culture in your office. Have a look at some ideas below:

Canal and River Trust
London Wildlife Trust
Reach Out

For more simple CSR ideas for your office, or to find out how we can help your team be more environmentally friendly and socially responsible, visit Resolution:Possible.

Added on 14 March 2018