Recommending Potage!

Too tired after work to cook and bored of toast, Potage is a welcome addition to my life.  This is eating well made easy.

Potage is a boutique culinary company founded by Georgia Cummings.  Home cooked, organic meals delivered to your door.  What else could a 30 something career girl, such as myself ask for?

What exactly…  A healthy lunch?  Here’s the best bit, not only does Georgia and her team at Potage cook for you at home but they also deliver healthy and organic lunches to offices throughout Central London.  In fact they feed entire offices!

So now I have no excuse, no more chomping on a dry bit of toast or a plastic microwave meal from the corner shop.  At last my taste buds are awakened, my body is thriving on good nutrients and I’ve got more time at home to catch up with my life.




Added on 14 April 2017