To Temp or Not to Temp?

To Temp or Not to Temp?

Here at Kosmos Recruitment we are always on the look out for top temps to join our books and work for some of our really interesting clients.

So what kind of candidates tend to look for temp work?

1) The Career Temp: 

Temporary work is great for individuals who love a changing environment and pick new roles up quickly. 

Example types of candidates:

- Full-time ‘career’ temps: While most of us classically think of temp roles as short-term bookings, some choose to temp as a career going from one full-time booking to another. These temps tend to be very good for contract cover (3 months +) as they can commit for the forceable future. 

- Temping for a lifestyle choice: Setting up your own business and need regular temp work. This can be great for both candidates and clients as you can join a ‘pool of temps’ for one client. For example some clients will ask for 5 temps who they have back on a regular basis to cover all their holiday and sickness cover/overload work cover. These are nice bookings for candidates as you get to really know the clients and covers you will be asked to do. These candidates tend to be good for 1 day to 3 week temp covers. 

- Candidates on a working holiday visa and those who have a commitment in the future and looking to temp for the next few months: Again, like full-time career temps, these candidates are good for long term fixed term contacts as they know their availability well. 

2) Candidates looking for a permanent job: 

Though temping whilst looking for a permanent role does make it easier on the bank balance we do ask that all our temps ‘manage’ expectations on how long they can temp for us. We also ask that all bookings committed to our seen through to the end of the booking and that all interviews take place out of hours or during an agreed time/ extended lunch break with the client. 

Example types of candidates:

- Candidates who temp around their permanent job interviews: Temp work provides good experience and money whilst you are searching for your permanent role. It is also a good way to demonstrate adaptable to new environments and picking up new roles quickly.

- Candidates looking for a permanent job through a ‘temp-perm’ opportunity: Rather than go from one temp booking to the next, these candidates look for long-term temp jobs where there is a possibility of going permanent. If a temp candidate can make a good impression, the client they are working for may consider them for a future opportunity within the company. 

3) Candidates looking to gain experience: 

Temping is a useful way to develop new skills and you can be put forward for roles that perhaps you wouldn’t be considered for typically. 

As the bookings tend to be for a shorter period of time, some clients are more likely to look favourably on you and be willing to give you a chance as long as you have the right attitude and work ethic. 

Most of these candidates will be looking for permanent jobs, so we do advise them to look for shorter-term bookings. 

Examples types of candidates:

- Recent Graduate/School leaver:  A great way for those candidates looking to gain ‘paid’ experience in entry level support roles (such an Office Assistant role). It can also be a helpful way to not only develop your CV but also give you an insight into different roles/industries if you are unsure what you want to do for a career.

- Candidates looking to return to work: Got a gap on your CV and looking to get back into the work force? Why not temp to demonstrate to clients that you have those skills required for a permanent job. Here at Kosmos we will make sure you are fully briefed and confident with the booking so that you can go into each booking and do an excellent job.

- Candidates looking for a career change: We meet so many candidates who  want a career change and want to become and PA yet they can’t even get their CVs looked at by recruiters. Solution? Temp. As long as you are prepared to start in junior level support roles and demonstrate your transferable skills, then this is an effective way to break into the PA world. 

Other opportunities that could possibly arise: For example, we had a temp with an ‘arts’ based CV and excellent academics who was looking to move into a Marketing role within an Investment Firm - by  no means was this an easy task but with temping, hard work and commitment, she did it.


Here at Kosmos we pride ourselves on helping candidates make this transition to temping. To hear more, contact us today! 





Added on 20 June 2016