What is your Personal Brand?

Being in charge of your ‘personal brand’ will really help you build your career. So what is your personal brand?

You may not think of yourself as a brand, but you are and how you present yourself is everything. I recently read a brilliant article on Sheerluxe (by career coach Salama Shah) and wanted to share it as it's something I feel should be important to every candiate of mine.

You can find the whole article at


Below are the keys points I have taken from it:

Understand The Reasons Behind Your Brand

  • Self - promotion - be remembered for the right reasons

Identify Your Brand Values

  • This will then give you an ability to choose the right environment/culture to work in

Decide What Will Set You Apart

  • Think about your skills, hobbies, values, experiences, passions and the image you project - how do these give you a USP? 

Know Your Audience

  • Who are they and where will they see, hear and read about you now nad in the future?

Look, Behave And Sound The Part of 'your' Personal Brand

  • How you sound (e.g. engaging, confident), your appearance/style and how you behave should all project your ‘personal’ brand values

Create Brand Stories

  • Use these to tell others more about ‘you’

Use Social Media

  • For example, LinkedIn is a powerful channel for building your career brand. 

Adding to this article I read on Sheer Luxe, the co-founders of LinkedIn wrote a great book called, ‘The Start up of you’, http://www.thestartupofyou.com, which talks about building your personal brand and treating your career like a start-up business. In fact, if you google your name, LinkedIn is one of the few on line platforms that you have complete control of your online personal brand - hence it's very important to ensure it's perfect and matches your brand values.



Added on 06 March 2017